About me

My name is Jitske Kingma, I'm 30 years old and live in Amsterdam with my French boyfriend. Together we form a bi-cultural household where we speak mostly English,  a little bit of Dutch and sometimes we mix it together with French, Frisian, Sign language or any other language we come across here in Amsterdam. 

At this point I work two days in my Little suitcase practice and three days on a special needs school in Amsterdam. Here I'm assisting in the classroom and counsel some of the children. It is a special school for children with hearing difficulties and language disorders. Through my work with this special group of children I learned the basics of Sign language.

Three years ago I wanted something new and that is when I started my master to become a Psychomotor Childtherapist. This is one off the best decisions in my life because I love to help children in a way they understand. Not only talking but mainly trough playing trying to help them back on track. 

To graduate I conducted a research in how to help out cross-cultural children with Psychomotor childtherapy. In a city as Amsterdam where over 50% of the children are raised cross-culturally this thesis research became very relevant. At Little suitcase I'm using my expertise to help those children to lighten up there suitcases.

Further trough my work I have a lot of expertise in working with children with language- and speakingdisorders, autism and more. 

I hope that with Little suitcase I can help a lot of children to grow to their full potential.

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