For whom is Childtherapy?

Every child goes trough a rough time every now and then. Sometimes a child needs a bit more to grow further, to grow to their full potential.


When this happens Childtherapy could be very useful to just give that little bit of extra help they need to be able to grow again.

Psychomotor childtherapy is useful for a lot of different problems children can face.

Little Suitcase works from five pillars:

Social: Problems with making friends, being shy or children who can be aggressive, having problems with interacting.

Emotional: Low self-esteem, children who are bullied or are bullies themselves, sleeping- or eating-difficulties, disliking of everything, not knowing who you are or where you belong.

Cognitive: Having a hard time to focus and concentrate, difficulties with planning, Impulsive, motivational problems. 

Motor and sensory: Low body awareness, over-mobility, sensory integration problems

Children can also get stuck in their development when they have autism, ad(h)d, anxiety disorders, language disorders, attachment difficulties or trauma (abuse, divorce, loss of someone).

Children who grow up cross-cultural (expat kids, bi- multicultural families, immigrants) can have a hard time to adjust to every culture they encounter. This can make them feel insecure, act out or they seem to fit in everywhere as a chameleon. 

At little suitcase there is a lot of expertise about this special group of children and I'm happy to help.

We also offer special grouptherapy for cross-cultural children. 

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