How does it work?

When you think your child could benefit from Childtherapy we start with an intake.

In this intake I will ask you everything about your child and the reason you are looking for help.

This intake lasts around 60-90 minutes and beforehand I will ask you to fill in a intake-form. 

After the intake we will start the observation period. In this period of around 4/5 childtherapy sessions I will be observing and analysing how your child is developing and behaves on our five pillars: Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Motor-Sensory.

With this information I will write an report and treatment plan. This treatment plan will we discuss during a evaluation meeting and after that we can start the childtherapy. 

Most of the times the childtherapy can be finished within one schoolyear.

Some children need less time while others need a bit more.

During the childtherapy we will have meet ups with each other to evaluate the process of your child. 

It is also possible to schedule familysessions if the child could benefit from it. 

You can book an appointment trough our online booking system or by sending me an e-mail:

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